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your stories on film ♥︎ for lovers of imperfection

This page is all about the love of film.. yes, real film. For a few years now, my passion for capturing images on film has grown. Some might say (namely my husband 😉 ) its become a bit of an obsession. I very much believe that digital images, shot on DSLR cameras have their place. Having the chance to shoot some images on film though, thats having the chance to create something pretty unique. When you have that camera in your hand, film all loaded and ready to go .. thats pretty exhilarating . I love the the realness and the beauty in all the perfectly wonderful imperfections that may occur when you are shooting film. 

I normally try to shoot with at least one of my film cameras on a wedding day, if time allows. If you want to know more about this, please do send me an email.

 The images in the gallery below showcase all of the different types of film and cameras I shoot with:

Nikon F80  ♥︎  Hasselblad 500 c/m  ♥︎  Polaroid SX70  ♥︎  Polaroid 690   ♥︎  Polaroid 600se  ♥︎  Nikon F100


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