Hello, I’m Zöe !

If you are thinking about booking me as your wedding photographer, then you probably want to know me a bit better.

I haven’t always been a wedding photographer. I started out from college,  supporting people with autism. I dedicated myself to watching, listening, supporting people, always trying to see things from anothers point of view. This desire to please, I think came from living with my autistic brother, needing to be aware of his needs, often before my own. I fell into and cheesy as it may sound, fell in love with wedding photography. Shooting just four weddings way back in in 2011, and I was HOOKED!

Experiencing and sharing peoples lives with them, making new friends and connecting with people through photography, it means everything to me.

You can see my most recent day to day images here on INSTAGRAM  and for some highlights from my recent weddings click on here ~ photosbyzoeweddings

Basically thats where I am at today. Loving what I do, seeing it as an utterly enormous privilege, having the chance share a little bit of your life with you, whether that be on your wedding day, or even just every day moments in your life.  I think being dyslexic too, has driven my desire to express myself with images. If you click on the link  ^^  this is a really insight into how my dyslexic mind sees the world, its one of the best things I’ve seen to explain what its like!

Hope that answers a few questons, and you feel that you know me a little better for it! If you are looking to book me as your photographer then we can have more opportunity to chat some more on Skype  – have a little look here.


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