May 30, 2020

A dedication to a dear friend

My daughter and I, we had been planing to do a sun rise walk for a little while. We had tried one earlier in the week, and although it was lovely to do, the sunrise was not at all notable! It was a bit of a dreary start to the day, you know the kind, flat and grey.

Things were very different yesterday .. I’d been working late. I’m the kind of person that completely gets absorbed in things. And had lost track of the time, making some digital art with my iPad. I’d said goodnight to another friend I’d been chatting to on FB – another night owl! Went to creep upstairs to bed, but checked out the window first. To see what the sky was looking like, and the possibility of a pretty sunrise, perhaps.

The sky looked rather enticing, so I woke my daughter, to see if she was up for a really early morning walk. She was., surprisingly up for it! Its been tough being a thrown into lockdown. Trying to keep the kids motivated to get school work done, that and juggling family life. Trying to keep in tune with their mental health and my own, and supporting my husband. He’s been working from home. There has been lots to adjust to, like every household.

So, this walk that we shared together, had always been something that we had planned to do. To make the most of the unexpected time that we had to do something like this. There is no way that she could have got up at 3.15am to go out and chase the rising sun, on a regular school day! Making memories, I hope for her, and most defiantly for me. We wondered at the beauty of all the things. Watched the swallows, the swifts, and the pair of herons. All going about their early morning flights. We ended up being out for about 2 and half hours! Not planned, it just happened that way. We both decided to grab some sleep after that. I woke at about mid day, not bad going, as I hadn’t actually slept at all earlier!

This started out as a wee trip out with my youngest, taking photos of the sunrise and cherishing the time we spent doing this. At mid day, I had a call from my Mum. A very dear friend to our family, unexpectedly, and suddenly passed away. A person who was a part of my childhood. I have so many memories of family holidays. So much joy and happiness with him and his three kids who are my age and a bit younger. I want to dedicate this whole post to him, and his family. I hate that I can’t be with them at this time. Love to you all x x x


Wow zoe well worth the early rise pictures are fabulous number 2 and 10 are my favourites