January 16, 2013

A Wintery Walk

Well, we haven’t had any snow here in my wee bit of Fife (yet!) but we have had rather a lot of frost!
This is the last year of our youngest being a pre-schooler, August is going to be a big month for us when she starts school. So we decided to make the most of today, and got ourselves all wrapped up and went out for a wintery walk – seeing how much wildlife we could spot along the way – I was rather gutted to discover that we had missed seeing an otter along the banks of the Tay, 10 minutes earlier – hey ho – fingers crossed that we see one another time 🙂



Beautifully atmospheric. xx

Oh my goodness Zoe these are superb… been ages since I took the camera out like this with Nieve, I have been inspired. Adore the macros! especially the horse’s nose! Fabulous my darling xxxx

Beautiful photos Zoe x

thank you ever so much Neil 🙂

Ohh girls, thank you so so much xxxx

great set from one walk! Like the spiders web ones near the end particularly.

Thank you Zoe and M for showing us your part of the world … it’s very very beautiful xxx

What a wonderful collection of images Zoe! It’s lovely you took the time to make memories like this with your little girl : )

Yummy…I particularly love the ones of M and the spider webs xxx

Gorgeous… I’d love to live where you do…. so lucky. And I adore these but especially the one of M behind the cobweb. Amazing. 🙂 xxxx

Awh it looks as though you both had a wonderful time! LOVE them all especially the horses and M with the spiders web x

What a lovely walk!! Gorgeous pics hon!! X

LOADS of beautiful pics Zoe! Can’t believe M had the patience to wait around whilst you took all these. Particularly like the horse’s nose & there are at least 2/3 stunners of M.

OMG Zo…you are such a clever sausage xxxx