October 17, 2011

Alice & Sam are getting married

I met with the very lovely Alice & Sam a couple of weeks ago – their wee Pre-Wedding shoot will be coming up on the blog soon – but here is a proper cute little animated GIF pic to keep you going  till then 🙂 Safe to say – Sam threw himself into the photo shoot with youthful enthusiasm that I can only look on with amusement and envy at his boundless ennergy ! (NO-ONE was hurt as a result of this shoot!!)

The lovely Alice & Sam are also featured over here:  UK Wedding Blog


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Ha ha excellent stuff!

Love it Zoe! lol

🙂 thank you x

Two thumbs up for animated GIFs!!

ahhh you can’t beat a wee bit of animated GIF!! Thanks Steve! x

Love it!

aww you are a sweetheart, thanks Andy x

This is fab, love it!

🙂 thank you so much Ruth xx


thank you!!!!!

Aw, that’s the cutest, great to have such a fun couple to work with 🙂

OMG! That GIF is awesome! If I had that I’d stare at it for hours!!

great images and very funny 🙂

too cute for words 🙂

heeehee!! SO MUCH fun – mucho sunflare and a wee bit of an appearance of red & lime green combine harvester, to follow!!