August 9, 2012

Alice & Sam’s Wedding Day

Oh my, where do I start?! Alice and Sam put so much time, so much of themselves into their wedding day, it made it a very special day indeed. Set in the stunning Cumbrian countryside , and despite the fact that I love where I live here in Fife, and couldn’t quite imagine living anywhere else – I do think I left a little bit of my heart in Cumbria too – its ever so beautiful there ~sigh~ ….

My day begin with a windy road up towards the summit and past this little place called Hartside Cafe, which sits at the top of the summit, and this day, was shrouded in a thick blanket of mist. It was rather magical, all be it a bit chilly, and not great for admiring the views!

I grabbed these on my phone when I stopped at the top, I had an interesting drive down the other side, being wedged in the middle of some sort of tractors day out!

So, down the valley nestled at the bottom, is a rather beautiful little village, called Melmerby ~ with its stunning Melmerby Hall, sitting proudly in the heart of the village. This is where Sam and his family and friends where the morning of the wedding.

and these were the flowers that were being prepared for Alice’s hair later in the day 🙂

Sam and his friends are ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ players too ..

Then is was to Alice’s parents house.. I fell over heals with their house! I want to move in!

We climbed the hill, to the summit, where Sam and the wedding guests awaited  …. into the fog we go.

There was a certain amount of trust that went on here … 🙂

Then it was off the Melmerby Hall   ….

And as if by magic, Alice transforms her dress and hairstyle into the evening do – suitable for much dancing and swinging ceilidh baskets (more of that later!)

Then it was off to the Village Hall for speeches, and more merriment…and lots, and lots, of CAKE!! YAY!

I was utterly impressed with what Alice and Sam had planned for the evening – they had hired two companies to prepare their guests freshly made pizzas and crepes – GENIUS!

And then … there was dancing, lots of dancing  ….




Zoe these are just gorgeous. What an amazing looking wedding captured beautifully!!!

You captured Alice and Sam’s special day beautifully. It has allowed me to share the occasion with my mum and dad who would have so loved to be there. Thank you so much.
Mike is yet to share what exactly was so funny but the phot has made us all smile. xx

Oh Penny, Mike, it was an absolute honour – it was such a special day, and really really lovely to meet you both, I am so glad that your parents could see the photos xx (has Mike spilt the beans yet?!!)

one word! …… fanbloodybeautifulstunninglytastic!

mwaaaaahhh – THANK YOU !! xxxx

Such absolutely gorgeous work – well done my dear! Looks like it was a fantastic day.

It was indeed Jaye, thank you x

Thanks ever so much Zoe, me and Janice were very impressed by the way you captured the atmosphere of our daughter’s marriage to Sam.
Best of Luck for the future.
Alan and Jan.

Oh gosh – Alan (and Jan) , thank you ever so much , it was ever such a special day. Thank you for welcoming me into your home, everyone was so friendly, it was such a pleasure. Wishing you both all the best too xx

V bloody lovely dude. Jealous of the shot with the flowers in the glass. And I heart all the brightly coloured pompoms too. Splendid stuff. x

Sooo many gorgeous things to been seen everywhere x It was amazing – so many fond memories of the day

hot shooting Zoe!

WHy thank you kindly Mr S6 xx

Awwwwww gorgeous zoe, lovely story unfolds before our eye’s x

Ahh, thank you ever so much xx

wonderful Zöe looks like such a fun, fabulous wedding! Big congrats to Alice & Sam 🙂 x

aww thank you Zo x it was a lot of fun 🙂

Superb work Mrs! Beautiful wedding

Ahhh thank you me darlin xx

Wowee woo Ms Barrie, these are fabbo x

Aww.thank you so much Amanda – is was a blooming fab day!