February 4, 2015

Shall I shoot film at your wedding?

Earlier last year, I had the chance to buy a Hasselblad 500c/m….


I kinda fell back in love with film, I really have.  I do very much feel that digital photography has its place, but I love having the chance to document little moments in the day, with one (or both!) of my film cameras.

If you have booked me as your wedding photographer, and would like me to shoot some images on film on your wedding day – please do get in touch, so we can have a wee chat!

Here are some taken on Ginny & Stewart’s wintry wedding day. (big thank you to Morag at Brown’s Photography, who 2nd shot with me on the day, and who is pictured below shooting on my Hasselblad).

2015-02-04_0001 2015-02-04_0002 2015-02-04_0003 2015-02-04_0004 2015-02-04_0005 2015-02-04_0006 2015-02-04_0009 2015-02-04_0008


Love these Zöe. The colours and tones are so much more delicate and subtle.