December 9, 2011

Aspirations, dreams & a little bit of the fairytale too!

A few weeks ago I spotted an invitation for an amazing opportunity to go on a days photoshoot in London organised by the lovely Claudia Carter & Gary Lashmar and sponsered by the brilliant Aspire , and whats more there were to be talks by fantastical people  –

Catherine Conner from Aspire,

Julie West, Photographer and Art Director at a leading bridal magazine, WEDDING

Melissa Love, who designs a rather fantastical websites and blogs for creative types

Gary LashmarWedding Photographer extraordinaire … for Q&A


….. how could I NOT go!!

I don’t know about you, but I find, there are moments in my life, that I need to push myself, you only live once and you just have to seize the moment, make the most of it, laugh, love, find the beauty in things, and sometimes do something thats a bit outside your comfort zone. This was just that – I’d not done anything like this before, but that wasn’t going to stop me! So, bags packed, kids and husband squeezed and snuggled.. I set off to London town!

I met some fab people on the way down on the train, which made the 3 1/2 hours standing pass all the quicker! I love traveling, seeing new places, meeting people, there are always things to chat about….

The theme for the photo shoot was “Ice Queen/Christmas/White Vintage . ” How exciting is that! The models looked amazing….there were about 50 of us in total, cunningly organised into groups and then pairs, to make best use of the time that we had with each model. I loved every second of it, and the talks in the afternoon, from the team where inspirational – given me loads to think about…where I want to take things for PHOTOS BY ZOE in the future.

A special shout and and a rather energetic leap of appreciation combined with a high five to these five fantastic models:

Lexie Lambert, Hayley Buckingham, Helena Willcocks, Natasha Rozhdestvensky &  Flora M- Dutton

Huge thanks to Luella’s Boudoir for lending these stunning bridal gowns for the day and the super creative Julia Plant for the hair & make up on the day.


Here are a few glimpse from behinds the scenes:


Zoe these are beautiful! Shows just how good it is to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

I havn’t been to London for ages. Looks like you had a good day. It is refreshing to process how you want to, not just for sanity, but also to develop your own style. Nice work.

Fantastic set of unusual bridal portraits. I love the hi-key close up work. Fab Stuff Zoe

fascinating, just love the makeup

It was such good fun – loved that chance to be in London and meet all those fantastic people 🙂

These are great, love the santas and the model closeups especially

Thank you ever so much Alex xxx

Zoe rocks…and so does that dog!

Oohh -that wee Hector puppy was SO cute!!

Beautiful from start to finish Zoe, well done x

Wow you are blossoming into a great photographer! Loving your work!

🙂 Aww you are too kind James xx

The make up totally isn’t my cup of tea, but your pictures and processing are lovely!!
You’ve got an amazing talent for capturing mood Zoe.

Thank you so much Joseph 🙂

Fantastic Zoe, go girl! Loving those jewelled eyelash shots, gorgeous work. Did you use the VSSCO toolkit again?

My own mixes with a few that started out as VSCO’s! 🙂

So many gorgeous pics in this post. Wowsers. And I absolutely love all of your detail and behind the scenes pics. It was so good t meet you and I definitely look forward to seeing you again when I make it up to that there Scottishland. x

deffo up for a meet up – its was lovely meeting you too come, come to Scotland! xx

LOVE them Zoe ~ brilliant as usual! We had an amazing day and it was great to meet you at last 🙂 x

it was the bestest time ever- SO fantastic meeting you too xx

Oh Zoe, these are superb!! You’ve captured it all so well!! xxxx I shall link this to Flora so she can see – and I agree with Andrea, I can look at her all day too and I’m so lucky to be able to!! xxxx

It was so so nice to finally meet you in the flesh – and Flora was a super star – she looked stunning in that dress, didn’t she – thank you both xx

Wow Zoe these are amazing, I freaking love love love the B&W!!! Xx

Lindsey, thank you ever so much xx

Bloody hell ZOE ! ….do you have any idea just how amazingly marvelous you really really are !!!!!!

I love all of them….I could look at photos of Flora all day ( that girl is a beaut!) …you just captured it all so artistically ….and how nice to see so many from the lovely “Click” there…gutted I couldn’t make it…it looked a blast

Awww ANDREA!! You are so so lovely!! Thank you xxx Can’t wait to meet you next year!! xxxx