May 1, 2013

Baby Leah

I’m not just a wedding photographer you know … a few times a year I get the chance for other kinds of photography too. Here, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Julie, a couple of weeks before her little baby girl, Leah was born …..

Hanging out with such a little one, after having three kids of my own, might have made me a little bit broody  – she was SO adorable! So here we are…. little Leah <3 xxx
Massive congratulations to you both Julie & Gary, she is beautiful  xxxxxxx





Aww thank you so much every one – it was really lovely spending time with this new little family 🙂

Leah is a wee poppit for sure 🙂 x

Yeap – totally broody! Jody!

Aw what a lovely surprise to see these pics! I’ve not been able to visit baby Leah & family yet so it was so nice to see these pics of my friends xxx

PS – yes it does make you broody!!

Ah Zoe those little hands and feet (well all of her) are so precious. Simply beautifull

owh! so beautiful 🙂 gorgeous stuff zo

thank you so so much everyone – I feel like the luckiest person alive getting to do what I do, and meet all these beautiful wonderful people – seeing the start of this new little family – gorgeous! xx

Oh shes just gorgeous – beautiful photos xx

Aww Zoe I love these. Gorgeous images. Congratulations to the new parents!!.

Oh totally gorgeous Zoe! I just LOVE natural looking photos and these are every bit as beautiful as your wedding photography. What a lovely family ~ especially love the last one ~ I wonder what she was thinking 🙂 x

Absolutely gorgeous, what a lucky couple. Congratulations on such a perfect baby!