July 28, 2016

Barley ears and fox cubs

As a photographer, I think its super important  to keep defining your style and pushing your creativity, because who knows where it could lead to.

With this in mind, I took two of my kids off down to the barley field to play. And here we have ..

‘Barley ears and fox cubs’ 

The kids were super involved too, enjoying running about, and doing what kids do best – having fun and using their imagination <3

I took the chance to shoot some (real) film photos too 🙂 (two of which I’ve included at the very end of this blog post).



barleyearsandfoxcubs1 barleyearsandfoxcubs2 barleyearsandfoxcubs3 barleyearsandfoxcubs4 barleyearsandfoxcubs5 barleyearsandfoxcubs6 barleyearsandfoxcubs7 barleyearsandfoxcubs8 barleyearsandfoxcubs9 barleyearsandfoxcubs10 barleyearsandfoxcubs11 barleyearsandfoxcubs12 barleyearsandfoxcubs13 barleyearsandfoxcubs14 barleyearsandfoxcubs15 barleyearsandfoxcubs16 barleyearsandfoxcubs17 barleyearsandfoxcubs18 barleyearsandfoxcubs19 barleyearsandfoxcubs20 barleyearsandfoxcubs21 barleyearsandfoxcubs22 barleyearsandfoxcubs23 barleyearsandfoxcubs24 2016-07-28_0027