June 13, 2011

Beach day

Well, so, summer is here – well it is June after all. Ok, so it wasn’t all that sunny – and it was a bit chilly with that wind – but, we decided to get out and head on over to Anstruther – who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the beach!

We were in luck – the tide was out, and there was loads of fun to be had delving in rock pools and making sandcastles…and of course a trip to the Chippy at the end of the day – loved seeing the kids have so much fun…this is what it is all about!

I’ve processed these a little differently from my normal style- I think it is good to try different things!

_goXb1 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs



Gorgeous pics Zoe, you are so talented!! Can’t wait till august 🙂 x

Fiona – NEITHER CAN I!!!!! Bursting with excitement – can’t wait to meet you both and get on the beach with wee Woody! 🙂

What a gorgeous set of images! Now wheres my bucket and spade…

doh…we forgot to take a spade – hands worked just the same 🙂