November 14, 2014

Congratulations Carrie & James

Oh what a day.. ! There was a wee mishap with the transport (which included a delayed driver and a broken window and Carrie’s Dad having to hold the battle door closed as they winged their way to Inchyra down the A9 !). But that wasn’t going to put anyone off from having a fantastic celebration of Carrie & James’s special day.  The weather wasn’t exactly the type that you would order, if you could do such a thing on your wedding day. But you know, its good to just make the most of what ever happens on the day – and Carrie and James were blooming up for anything, so rain and mist .. well WE OWNED IT.. and strode off and got some fabby photos regardless ! With an absolute dream team, with everyone working together to make Carrie & James’s day extra special, I want to give a massive shout out to Caroline at Inchyra, Louise from Louise Quinn Hairstylist and Pyrus Flowers – You are ALL completely AWESOME!

BIG love to you, Carrie, James, family and friends xxx



Venue ~ Byre at Inchyra

Wedding Dress ~ Charlie Brear

Florist ~ Pyrus 

Makeup Artist~ Chelsea (Mac)

Wedding Cake ~ cheese cake supplied by caterer

Bridesmaid Dresses~ Alexandra Greeco skirts/topshop top

Groomswear ~ 21st Century Kilts

Bands –  JimJam Ceilidh Band, and Dawn Patrol

Wedding styling – (lampshades, and crockery) from ~ Carly’s Vintage Crockery 

Bands –  JimJam Ceilidh Band, and Dawn Patrol


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Beautiful coverage that captures a stylish wedding.

beautiful photos, beautiful wedding, beautiful day, and oh yes, beatuful bride and groom.

hi Zoe

Thanks for the lovely posting. Would you be able to repost it adding vintage crockery supplied by myself?

Many thanks


Hi there Carolyn, I’ve updated all the info above.

Lovely meeting you x

What a wonderfully captured day, so much happiness and beauty in these images!

That wedding looked like a lot of fun. I absolutely adore the cake topper!! Sooo cute. x

That dress though! Beautiful stuff all round and this wedding looks aces.