August 25, 2016

Congratulations Daryl & Graeme ~ Isle of Coll

The time has come for me to share Daryl & Graeme’s wedding day. They where wed on the Isle of Coll. The forecast was for rain, and that is indeed what happened. But, whats a bit of rain on your wedding day?? NOTHING , thats what .. because love, friendship, happiness and an overwhelmingly joyful day of celebration is all you need, and Daryl & Graeme had that in abundance. Thank you so, so much for choosing me to be your photographer, Daryl & Graeme. Having the chance to visit such a beautiful place, and share in such a special day, will stay with me forever. <3 xxx



Reception –  An Cridhe (venue)

Wedding attire

Couple one :

Couple two:

Wedding party (eg bridesmaids/groomsmen):

Florist :  (if applicable) D&G grew their own flowers.

Wedding Cake :


Karen – Wedding caterer (

Heather – Wedding caterer (

Master of Ceremonies (and one of Daryl’s best men) ~ Clive Albert

Transport : Kip Poulson

Ceilidh band : Busking Sharks / Sam Rutherford

Celebrant : Esther MacRae – Celebrant & Owner of (and access to) Struan Beach


Wedding Accommodation :

Laura & Julie Oliphant – Coll Hotel (

Paula Smalley – Tigh Na Mara (provider of wedding accommodation – & Transport Provider

Lesley Douglas – Dun Fraoch (provider of wedding accommodation)




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A few of the film shots I took on Daryl & Graeme’s day : (click on an image to go large.. its better that way 😉 )