December 12, 2014

Congratulations Emma & Nik ~ Cameron House

   I simply couldn’t wait to meet up with Emma & Nik for their wedding, on the banks of Loch Lomond, at Cameron House. Having spent the night before with Emma and her family, and a wee catch up with Nik and their friend too, it made everyone feel all the more familiar the next morning when I came to meet them all again for their wedding. I was joined on the day by the completely wonderful Morag, who 2nd shot with me AND if that wasn’t brilliant enough… Emma & Nik had booked the simply fantastic Lee & Dawn – or to use their business name … SHUTTERBOX!!!!!  I completely adore their work – as I am sure Emma & Nik would agree, if you are ever in need of someone to make beautiful films – Shutterbox are the ones! 


Let me start with some images that Morag took, with the time she spent with Nik, the Groom, and the boys …



I spent the time before the ceremony with Emma, her parents, and her sisters (who were bridesmaids) and Polly, Emma’s best friend..  It was so completely lovely, sharing this special day with you all. AND … OH MY WORD!!! Three Sisters Bake, and THOSE CAKES – OH MY WORD OH MY WORD!!!!!

Groom Kilt: Slanj
Florist: Flowers by Cherry Blossom
Wedding Cake: Three Sisters Bake
Hair & Makeup: Asteria Bridal (Jennifer Peffer & Pamela)
Catering: Cameron House
Evening ‘treats’: Three Sisters Bake
Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy
String Quartet: Strings Aloud
Videographer: Shutterbox Films (Lee & Dawn)

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OH MY! Great images, Zoe 🙂 Love these! ADORE these guys! xxx

Honest documentary – love it!