December 29, 2015

Congratulations Fiona & Simon

Here we have the beautiful Fiona & Simon, on their wedding day. I’d first met them at Zoe & Dave’s wedding in 2013, Fiona had been Zoe’s bridesmaid (here is a link), we re-incarnated the ‘tractor shot’ at Kinkell Byre!Sending you, and your family and friends much love and happiness. Thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer, it was ever such a fun and lovely day. xx


Venue ~ St Salvators Chapel & Kinkell Byre

Wedding Dress ~ Claire Pettibone, Gardenia from Rachel Scott Couture, Edinburgh

Florist ~ Blue Poppy 

Makeup Artist ~ Sophie Alexis

Wedding Cake ~  Family

Hair ~ Sophie Alexis

Catering ~  Scott’s Catering 

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Simply Bridesmaids, Edinburgh

Vehicle Hire ~ High Society

Groomswear ~ own

Band / DJ ~ Callanish  

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