October 7, 2016

Congratulations Hannah & Ivan ~ Kinkell Byre

I met Hannah & Ivan a few months before their wedding, for some pre-wedding photos on the beach in St Andrews. One of my favourite places, but I am a little bias as I grew up in Fife, and went to school in St Andrews 😉 You can see that shoot, HERE.

There was a real buzz of excitement and activity when I arrived at Morton of Pitmilly, where the bridal party were all getting ready. Ivan’s little niece’s were flower girls, and I have a full disclaimer on the THIRD picture below .. I was showing them how to use my camera, and one of the wee gils shot the image of Hannah in the chair, having her hair down – I edited it 🙂 I had to include it, I love Hannah’s expression !  It was a blooming DELIGHT to have the chance to shoot at Kinkell Byre again, its one of my favourite venues, and the team of people that Hannah & Ivan had booked were AWESOME ( big love to Cath (Blue Poppy) Carole & team (Lazy Sunday) Monica & Sharon (Made up Team) and Cut the cake – it was FANTASTIC working alongside you all again xxxxx). And oh oh oh oh oh, be sure to check out the beautiful signs that Hannah’s artistic family created .. they were gorgeous !!!

Hannah & Ivan, you wondrous people, big big love to you both ❤

Getting ready: Morton of Pitmilly ♥︎ Ceremony: St Salvators  ♥︎ Reception: Kinkell Byre  ♥︎  Bride:  Naomi Neoh – From Mirror Mirror London  ♥︎ Groom: Hackett London  ♥︎ Wedding party:  Bridesmaids: JCrew  – Groomsmen: TM Lewin  ♥︎ Florist ~ Blue Poppy  ♥︎ Hair & Makeup ~ The Made-Up Team  ♥︎ Wedding Cake & Catering ~ Lazy Sunday Catering (+ painted cake made by Mum and Kari (Bridesmaid))  ♥︎ Vehicle Hire ~ Chauffers of Carnoustie  ♥︎  Band / DJ ~ Cut the Cake  ♥︎ Videographer ~ Cinemate   ♥︎


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