May 29, 2014

Congratulations India and Ally

This was my first visit to Blairquhan Castle, and my oh my what a spectacular place it is. India is a photographer by profession, and when I arrived I was greeted by an already organised row of shoes and dresses, ACE!! It kinda felt like cheating a little bit! This was also first time I shot with my new Nikon Df (I know #geekcamerachat)  – I was rather delighted, as it seemed fitting to be using it for the first time on India (& Ally’s) wedding day . I knew about India’s father being an artist, and I was utterly in awe of his painting on the walls of Blairquhan Castle  – of the current Laid of the Castle – I think? Have a wee look for the images below – its the one with a close up of James’s signature – “Fullerton” … I also wanted to say a really big thank you to the staff at Blairquhan Castle, who where really helpful when I arrived (I’d had car problems that morning, and they helped me find somewhere to park and I felt looked after, thank you), but also, for ensuring that the meal that had been prepared for me, arrived at the same time as the wedding guests where eating theirs – that makes ever such a big difference to my energy levels, and ability to stay creative for the rest of the wedding day. 

Without further a do, let me share India and Ally’s special day with you.



Venue ~ Blairquhan Castle

Florist ~DIY

Makeup Artist ~ Catherine (Elements of Life)

Wedding Cake ~ Liggy’s Cakes

Hair ~ Louise Harkins

Catering ~ Blairquhan Castle

Bridesmaid Dresses~ Various

Vehicle Hire ~ N/A

Groomswear ~ various

Band / DJ ~ Pinup Nights




I love the clarity of your vision Zoe. A beautiful set of images. India looked stunning and the location is very very nice.