July 1, 2016

Congratulations Penny & Chris

I first met Penny & Chris when I shot Kate & Chris’s (a different Chris before that got weird and awkward!) 😉 wedding

Penny got read in the couple’s home. I love those old Edinburgh flats, with quirky details.. like the odd handle in their doorway.. which we think may have been there to open the front gate, back in the day!

It was so lovely seeing both families and friends coming together and celebrating their love for each other. A special day indeed.

Much love to you both. Z xx


Venue ~ Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Wedding Dress ~ Bliss Bridal Studios

Bride and Bridesmaids headdress – Lisa Morris @Finishing Touches


Florist ~ Bouquets by Helena Thomas, table flowers by Flowers by McDowell

Makeup Artist~ Lisa Morris

Wedding Cake ~ Celeste Sharratt

Hair ~ Claire at Angus Gordon Hairdressing

Catering ~ Royal Botanic Gardens

Bridesmaid Dresses~ Monsoon

Vehicle Hire ~ Central Taxis

Band / DJ ~ ReelTime (band) / Dave Ward and David Harris (DJ)

Celebrant (if a humanist wedding): Graham Duff


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