March 4, 2016

Congratulations Sharon & Colin ~ Three Sisters Bake

I’ve noticed a pattern over the years.., I tend to wait a wee while before blogging my last wedding of the year, because … I don’t want to let it go .. I get all nostalgic. Well, to be honest, I am like that when I come to blog every wedding, but the pressure of keeping ontop of the work flow soon sorts that out. But the last wedding of the year is the one that I get to hold onto for a bit longer!

I first met Sharon & Colin on their actual wedding day. And it didn’t matter a jot, because right from the get go .. we had an instant rapport!

We had tears, laughter, a bit of sunshine .. and quite a bit of rain. But most of  all, I think you can see from the photos .. there was so much love and laughter. Thank you ALL for sharing so much of yourselves, and your day with me. It was so so special ..

Also.. if you are a fan of cakes .. and amazing flowers, and bespoke wedding dresses .. then this is the wedding for you! 🙂

Planning, styling & production ~  Lemonbox Studios

Venue ~  Killearn Village Hall

Wedding Dress ~ Freja Designer Dressmaking

Florist ~   Myrtle & Bracken

Makeup Artist~ Cat Robertson MUA

Wedding Cake ~  Three Sisters Bake

Hair ~ Pin Up Hair

Catering ~ Three Sisters Bake

Bridesmaid Dresses ~

Vehicle Hire ~ TBR Global

Band / DJ ~ Jim Jam Videographer ~  Erin Rose

Celebrant (if a humanist wedding): Evonne McLaughlin


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I also have to say what a blooming hoot it was working alongside the gorgeous Lemonbox Events team .. and Erin Rose Films, who shot this incredibly beautiful film on the day ~

Erin Rose films