July 22, 2016

Congratulations Sophie & Owain, The Hermitage, Dunkeld & Birnam Arts

Oh just wait, just wait till you feast your eyes on Sophie & Owain’s wedding. It was one of a kind, for sure. The day began at Eastwood House. It was my first visit there, and hopefully not my last .. it is an utterly astounding place, every single room is beautifully decorated (as you can see from the pictures I’ve included below). If you get the chance to hire the house for your own wedding or family gathering .. do it!  Its SO beautiful ! I LOVED having the chance to work alongside two fabulous people Receka and Leanne, who where there doing the hair and make up (links in the suppliers list below). I’ve also included some detailed shots of Sophie’s stunning gown. The entire beaded lace bodice and sash along with Owain’s silk bow tie, was designed and made by Gemma Sargent (links in list below).

Sophie & Owain said their vows, infront of their family & friends a leafy setting, in the woodlands at the Hermitage, Dunkeld.Its one of my favourite places to go with my children to walk our wee dog, but never before had I been there for a wedding. It is the perfect setting for a wedding, I think! Where you truly feel a connection with nature. There were all sorts of wondrous things to see, and wondrous moments shared , as you will see when you look below. It was fantastic having the chance to meet Janice at Blue Thistle Weddings, who co-odinated the day.

I wanted to take the chance to say thank you to you both Sophie & Owain. For making me feel so included in everything, for trusting me. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the fun we had in that breath taking sunset. <3 Sending much love to you both, xx

Suppliers ~

Bridal Prep ~ Eastwood House, Dunkeld (on the banks of the silvery Tay, no less)

Ceremony was conducted by ~ Registrar :Joan Grant, Perth & Kinross Council

Ceremony ~ The Hermitage, Dunkeld.

Reception ~  The Birnam Arts


Bride ~ Dress: Naomi Neoh dress from Bliss Bridal, and bodice /sash ~  Gemma Sargent

Shoes: LK Bennett

Groom: Isle of Skye Tartan

Best girls: Dresses from Hobbs

Florist ~ Laureen Merriman (family friend)

Makeup Artist ~ Rebekah McVitie

Hair  ~ Leanne Arthur at Babu Hairdressing


Macaron wedding tower ~ Flora Shedden (er, the photography on her website OMG, beautiful !! )

Cheese tower ~ Mellis Cheese

Catering ~ Angus at The Birnam Arts

Band / DJ ~ Ceilidhdonia (these guys certainly knew how to get the dancing going!)

Videographer ~ Pete Duncan (family friend)



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These are absolutely lovely Zoe and a lovely reminder of a wonderful day and a truly delightful couple.