July 16, 2016

Congratulations Taryn & Graeme ~ Kinkell Byre, St Andrews

Couples planning their wedding day, come across my photography in various ways. Be that, recommendations from venues or meeting me at previous weddings .. Living in Australia, Taryn & Graeme found me from a wee google search for a wedding photographer, and I am delighted that they did. Right from the outset, with our first Skype call, to get to know each other .. we all hit it off with lots of  laughter and giggles!

I was made to feel so much a part of everything on their wedding day, which not only is an enormous  privilege, but what better way to capture people being themselves when they are relaxed and having fun!

I loved having the chance to meet the View from The Slow Lane Team, their camper vans are BEAUTIFUL (check out those adobe little pieces of burr wood, made into shelves inside), and the VW proved to be the perfect escape vehicle  to jump in for Graeme and Tayrn to get a few moments away from it all for some couple portraits.

Thank you both for trusting me, when I appeared at the end of your meal, looking slightly crazed / excitable … asking you to join me outside because the sunset had gone a bit EPIC!!

Lots and lots of love to you both Taryn & Graeme, congratulations xx

Venue ~  Kinkell Byre
Wedding Dress ~
Veil ~ Rachael Scott
Florist ~ Blue Poppy Florist
Makeup Artist~ Taryn’s Friend, Harpreet Sahemey
Wedding Cake ~ Loren Brand Cakes
Hair ~ Honey & Violet
Catering ~ Bespoke Catering
Bridesmaid Dresses~ Coast
Vehicle Hire ~ View From The Slow Lane
Groomswear ~ Kilt Hire Company (Haymarket)
Band / DJ ~ Papa Shandy and the Drams
Videographer ~ Orangetide (Colin Grant)
Celebrant: Dorothy Nowak



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