August 31, 2016

connecting & vulnerability

You know when something pops up on your Facebook feed, and it stops and makes you think? This talk really resonated with me. The link with photography maybe isn’t that obvious at first, and there are lots of interpretations to be made from listening to this talk.
I thought about  love, and connection, and I felt the need to share it with you here.
The experiences I’ve had with my autistic brother have left me with a sense of loss (amongst other things). But, its also left me with a full hearted need connect with people. Moving from care work to running my own business and being a Professional photographer, connecting with people is what its all about. Its what makes me tick.
Life is short and precious. Life is also full of opportunities. Wedding photography is a process, and the images are the final part of that experience.
For me, its not just about turning up and taking wedding photos. Its about being open, honest and vulnerable, seeking human connection and telling a part of your life story through photography. That in escence is what its all about.
Brené Brown is an amazing story teller.

This is a really thought provoking talk, about connection and love, about being human, being vulnerable, about taking risks, about not being afraid to be authentic and open to experiences.