February 11, 2012


When I was growing up, we didn’t get many opportunities to see our cousins. On account of the fact that we lived in Scotland, and they lived in England. This is why I get so much love and enjoyment from seeing my kids play with their cousins – who live just a few miles away – its lovely 🙂

My sister – in – law and I decided to meet up whilst the big kids where at school, and give the littleys a chance to play, get some fresh air and have fun – it does everyone wonders getting out and about, especially in these long dark wintery days (roll on the spring I say!). Birnie Loch is a fantastic wee spot, nice circular walk, and birds to spot and feed – perfect 🙂





how true Zoe, special times for the little ones to treasure captured perfectly by you …Zoe 🙂

Very sweet post Zoe. Beautiful images and what a fun time had by all!! X

🙂 thank you Jane – its important for kids to have these memories I think xx

Beautiful Blog Zoe and it’s great to see that they are so close 🙂 Looks like you’s had a great time on your walk xx

I use to spend every saturday with my cousins when my nan was alive and it was great. Now we don’t see each other which is a sham

Awww, it is nice to have the memories of it though 🙂 xxx

Loving these precious moments, beautiful, well done Zoe.x

They are precious indeed aren’t they xxxx

Zoe Barry x you melt my heart <3

ahhh Andrea – you melt mine too – really, your blog posts are 2nd to none xx

Brilliant as ever Mrs B 🙂

ahhh thank you lovely Lucy <3 xxx