March 22, 2016

Crail Golf Club wedding ~ Congratulations Fiona & Gary

Well.. Fiona & Gary’s wedding was my first wedding of 2016 .. they were married in the utterly gorgeous setting of St Monans.. in a little church that sits on the side of the town, over looking the sea.

We took full opportunities to go get some photos down in the  harbour too, it was only right .. as Gary is a Fisherman. The wafts of stinky fish guts that we tiptoed past, where somewhat less romantic. We then when onto Crail Golf Club, the first time they had hosted a wedding at the venue. Such beautiful sea views!

Fee & Gary, thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. Thank you so much for letting me share all the special moments of your wedding day. It was emotional and so much fun 🙂 big love to you both xxxx


Ceremony ~ St Monans Church

Reception ~ Crail Golf Club

Wedding Dress ~ The Wedding Store (David Tuters)

Florist – Blue Poppy Flowers

Makeup Artist ~ Becca Brown, Jenna Trowell

Hair ~ Halo ~ Ingrid Mowbray

Wedding Cake ~ Sconetastic

Catering ~ Crail Golf Club

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Debenhams

Vehicle Hire ~ Ecosse Classic Cars

Groomswear ~ Mcous

Band ~ Cut the Cake

Videographer ~ Ultimate Moments


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