March 19, 2014

Day One San Franscio


One excitable afternoon, four friends, four wedding photographers made the decision to travel to California. To attend the Photo Field Trip workshop, that was to be held in Santa Barbra at the end of February. This is our story. These are the things we did and some of the things we saw, through my eyes… being photographers we all have or will be blogging the trip, and I’ll post some links to everyone else’s pages so you can go check them out too!

Its funny, this age of social media that we find ourselves living in. Well, thats the way see things anyway. I am of the ZX Spectrum generation. Where google, live video chats and Facebook didn’t  exist in my younger years. But that was then, and this is now. And you know what, I think its all kinda wonderful. I embrace tit all. Its helped me build my business as a photographer. In the early days joining forums in sites like Flickr. And now, more recently, Google Plus and Facebook. It allows me to connect with people, to share my day to day life, not only with people who are literally on my doorstep, but people from all around the world. It still blows my mind, I have so much to thank this social age for. Fantastically creative people who I consider to be true, dear friends, who listen, share and laugh with every day…

So, it was one excitable afternoon that a plan was made, for four of us to travel to America, to go get our eyes and minds opened on a photography workshop called Photo Field Trip. Some might think this was a bit of a mad plan, I’d only ever met Jaye (Tux & Tales)  in actual real life before. Laura (Babb Photography) and Paul (Paul Joseph Photography) we chat a lot online, and meeting them in person, well it just felt like we had known each other for a long time already, which in real terms, we had!

So, this is our story, these are the things that I saw on our travels. I urge you to go look on Jaye, Paul and Laura’s blogs too – they have some epic shots from the trip too.

I have to confess, I do get terribly excited visiting new places – I’d not traveled to the States since I was 18, many many years ago!

I took SO many photos… My mind buzzes and jumps, I get excited and dizzy visiting new places. I want to see it all, live it all, suck it all in and never forget.  SO… this is the first of rather a few blog posts from this American adventure … that began with a long flight from Manchester, which took us over Philadelphia, we finally arrived at our destination, San Francissco . We were greeted with rain, quite a lot of rain… so, pretty much weather that we are all used to, living in the UK!