November 18, 2018

December Wedding ~ Errol Park Estate

For those of you who are following my blog posts .. you will realise that I am pretty much a whole year behind in sharing my weddings with you! I know, how can someone get that far behind!? ANYWAY .. here is the wonderful celebration of Camilla and Ben’s special day. They were married at Errol Park last December. Obviously getting married in Winter, in Perthshire, means that it has to be an indoor event! In the lead up to a couple’s wedding day, I always like to have a chat about their wedding day questionnaire that they send to me. One of the things that was really important to Camilla was that capture a shot of her and her father coming down the staircase just before the ceremony. Because of the lay out of the ceremony space on the stairs at Errol, it meant me standing one side, as Camilla & her Dad walked down the opposite side. Its definitely a good idea to have a chat about this sort of detail in the lead up to the day, because getting this shot meant that I would need to walk past and in front of Camilla & Ben, just after Camilla stopped in the place where the ceremony was about to take place! No problemo at all, in this case, because we had planned this out already!

If you are planing your winter wedding, you might also want to take a leaf out of Camilla’s book, and get yourself a cosy layer to wrap around yourself, so that you don’t feel cold and miserable for any outside shots that we might want to take. The first set of images are a few that I’ve shot on film (the black and white ones immediately underneath this post – if you want to see more wedding images shot on film – check this post out: Ragini & Owen) .

WEDDING MAKERS:  Venue : Errol Park,  Caterers: Lazy Sunday Catering.

On Film: