September 14, 2012

Elsbeth & Chris’s barn wedding

I was rather excited after I met up with Elsbeth & Chris, when I heard of their wedding plans. Living in a wee cottage, they had the perfect location for a their wedding … in the barn at the bottom of their garden… They put so much work into it, painting the walls white inside, with a gorgeous chalky blue paint for signs and doors. I loved the old dresser they converted into a candy table and the mis-matched collection of plates. Chris had spent time organising the chairs for their wedding guests through free-cycle – I love it. Elsbeth’s family made lots of the food – its making my mouth water just thinking about it!  We were even lucky enough to get a wee break in the rain near the end of the day, and managed to get some shots outside, over the beautiful rolling hills and fields of Fife.

The next group of photos come with a warning ….



No really….



Please make sure you aren’t hungry before you look at these!!

Two words, homemade baklava …… (drifts off into a dream like trance) it was, AMAZING!!!


Love this wedding! Nice shoot!

Thank you so much Megan x

oh. Zo. Wow. You are an artist. You captured the day beautifullyand told us all an enchanting story. Stunning bride xxx

What a creative and intimate wedding so beautifully captured! I’m a little bit in love your tender black and white shots. Just a great big WOW!

OOOh Elizabeth, thank you ever so much – (squeak!) thank you! xx

Beautiful stuff Zoe – you nailed it. Stunning! Gorgeous couple.

Your images are just so……pretty!! Love this post.

Possibly the most attractive group of people in the world. Absolutely stunning photos!

I love her dress and veil! The storytelling is phenomenal as well. Great job!

Terrific story-telling. I hope to photograph one of these some day and do half as well as you did here. I particularly appreciate the way you portrayed those nice details and the locale.

Zoe, my goodness these pics are amaaaazing.

The last one is stunning. (The rest too). I’m getting hungry… 🙂

Within 5 frames I knew this was the most adorable wedding on earth. The rest of the frames just proved me right.

What a gorgeous bride! I totally love the shot of them walking down the road. Fabulous work!

We were so lucky Caryn, it pretty much rained all day – we managed to get a break in the rain to dash out to the road to capture a bit of those lovely views over Fife 🙂

Flippin awesome! Love all the shots, love your processing, and what a gorgeous bride!

Oh Brian, thank you ever so much

Beautiful job. You captured the emotion of this day so well. Lovely.

she is so beautiful! this wedding is amazing, i’m sure you had a blast!

I love all of the cute details here. The reception looks like a blast; great job capturing it!

Oh wow, that first veil shot of her facing the left? Love love love.

Elsbeth made a stunning bride, didn’t she 🙂 x

Wow, Wow and Wow!! WHAT a wedding! amazing ideas, decor, venue and most of couple! Great work Zoe xxxxxx

Thank you ever so much Kelly <3 xxxxx

Sadly we could not make it to the wedding, but you have captured it all in your photo’s. I gasped when I saw the 2 pearls on Elspeth’s eye and cried with the picture of Chris waiting for his bride. Beautiful photo’s. Congratulations

Aww, sorry you couldn’t make the wedding too Bev <3 Thank you so much for such amazingly lovely feedback – it really means a lot, thank you xx

Oh these are just beautiful Zoe! I love all the details especially their favours and you’ve captured so many emotions it makes a wonderful story of their day x

thank you so much Wendy xx

OOh WOW thank you ever so much everyone <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

What a gorgeous wedding. So many beautiful details! Great work my dear….

Wow!! Incredible wedding, perfectly captured!! The ambience of the day really shines through Zoe, amazing – well done xxx

That looks like one hell of a wedding! Absolutely awesome images too zoe. x

What an amazingly creative wedding, beautifully captured, stunning!

They were great, weren’t they !! They put so much work into it 🙂 The barn flooded in the lead up to the wedding too! (I think)

yes! the barn flooded more than once but despite the inclement weather, on the day OF — it was pretty much dry… thanks for this lovely reminder of that beautiful day, zoe… you and your pix are in our family for good …

Anna, it was such an absolute honour to be there, and so lovely meeting you all, thank you for making me feel so welcome xx

Stunning Zoe, what a great wedding, glad I’ve had breakfast!

Love love love!!!!! One of your best! xxxx

Ohhhh I am in love. What a stunning creative wedding, the details, the people… Amazing! And you captured it perfectly!great great Work Zoe!!! xxx

I was really struck by how everyone helped too Siegrid, all the family and friends helped organise the tables, and food and decorations after the ceremony 🙂 It was lovely.

Wow what a gorgeous wedding, everything looks so lovely I would have loved to have been there. And also, what a stunning couple, like seriously!!! Great stuff!

Ahhh Elsbeth and Chris and all of their family and friends were ever so lovely, it was a celebration, and lots and lots of fab music and food 🙂

What a completely beautiful wedding, incredibly creative, and your photos show it off to perfection, Zoe!

OOh Eliza, thank you ever so much <3 Its so lovely seeing so much love and laughter and happiness, its infectious – it was such a happy day 🙂