January 5, 2024

Esther Kent ~ Artist & Illustrator

When Esther got in touch, to ask about my work place photography session, I was SO excited. A long time admirer or her work, it was completely lovely having the opportunity to join her in her studio to take some photos for her. You can see lots more of Esther’s work HERE

Why book a Work place session? The reason why workplace sessions are a great idea, are because they give us the chance to capture the story of your small business. I’ve visited lots of different places – cafe’s restaurants, gardens, art studios and sometimes the odd Castle or Palace!

It really is down to you, where you run your business, and as working together to make a collection of images that will help represent your small business. Here is a little insight into Esther’s workplace. She has used the images for her portfolio, along with some product photos for her beautiful artwork.

To find out some more about these Work Place Sessions, have a look HERE.