March 30, 2020

family session / Kate, Marcus and Baby N

I had the pleasure of being Kate & Marcus’s wedding photographer last March. They were married in a beautiful part of the world, one that I don’t know all that well, but one day hope to return! You can check out their celebration at Tithe Barn in Yorkshire HERE.

Lets skip forward a year. .. thats right, almost exactly a year to the day, from their first wedding Anniversary. I joined Kate & Marcus in St Andrews (Fife) at the beginning of March (2020) so that I could take some photos of their new addition. Its hard to put into words how special this was. In a way, even more so in light of everything that has unfolded in the last few weeks.

So heres to love, happiness, families.. connection, people, all the things that make you heart happy. Heres to the special people in your life.

Thank you, Kate & Marcus for this time we had together. It meant a lot to be able to spend time with you, and your beautiful little baby boy xx