February 15, 2013

Experimentations VSCO3 & Lensbaby edge 80

I took the camera out with me today.

Today was all about family time – and having the chance to play with my new lensbaby edge 80 !!! Just a tiny bit exciting (I know, not for everyone!). I enjoy pushing myself creatively – even though I probably wouldn’t use the lensbaby at a wedding – I’ll definitely  think its good to set yourself new challenges and try to see things a little differently, and that does filter through into all aspects of how I work.

AND ..  if playing with a new lens wasn’t enough I also caved and HAD to buy the new VSCO3 presets too! I approach editing a bit like how I would paint a picture – mixing, blending, trying, looking… I can’t tell you exactly which specific presets I used in most of these – I know I used a couple of the Fuji FP 100c ones!  – and there are a total mix of edits in here – but, its good to experiment!



Really cool images Zoe. I can see why you’re hooked on the edge 80. It’s been on my wishlist for a while now (along with a lot of other stuff :-)).

So nice! I love the nighttime shots, and your fourth image (of the trees and sky) took my breath away! Great shot and great processing! I’m currently try to sell my Lensbaby Composer and these are making me rethink that a bit 🙂

oooh Staci – I was the same, I only got the composer (not the pro one) and bought it to play with when I went to Venice. And tbh was underwhelmed – but my friend Laura Evans (if you haven’t seen her work you MUST!! … https://www.facebook.com/love.laugh.believe.photography) and I saw what what Laura was able to capture with the edge 80 – and thats what persuaded me!! Its all down to personal taste but I much prefer the look of the edge80 with the composer!