November 17, 2011


Well, there has been a lot of hype about these ….  and I have to say…my first impressions are… I like em..and whats more I might even grow to love them…we will see!

So here…drum roll… a min sample of my new processing style brought to you by VSCO (with a little few extra tweaks from me!) …  there will be more to follow, for sure! Would love to here your feedback…be gentle…I’m still experimenting 🙂


These VSCO presets are awesome… but nice to see that you have got different ‘personal’ results by just tweeking them yourself.

Love that bottom shot of the child looking back.. great work.

Thats all a part of the fun though isn’t it – developing your style 🙂

Beautiful as always!

Thank you ever so much 🙂

ooh Zoe, you splashed out….not taken the plunge myself, not sure if its my style, have so many other presets too. So sitting on the fence but watching with interest. So which one did you use?

Oh this was a big old mixture that I’ve saved as a preset!

So much buzz! But haven’t places like alien skin exposure been doing this sort of thing for a while? I don’t get what makes it different (yet) – maybe I should go and read up.

I don’t have the Alien Skin thing – I’m really enjoying all these presets though – but I haven’t done a one click job done one yet! They have all been tweaked…

I did the free trial, they’ve done a similar thing of analysing film stock, you choose which film and tweak from there.

How pretty is the light atm?! So pretty. Doesn’t last that long, like…

Wish we had better light more often – I do indeed!

I think they’re lovely mate. Think I might be purchasing those myself! Course the only thing that worries me is that everyone is gonna have the same presets… we’re all gonna look the same! hahaha.

you know thats not going to happen Shelly! You need to know what to do with the camera in the first place 😉