February 7, 2014

Through the eyes of my children

I’m having a little sort out of last years files… before the  new busy wedding season sets upon us, and I wanted to share this person post with you all. I have an old D80, the very same one that I fell in love with digital photography with… its a bit worse for wear these days, because of it being used so much, and getting old. But its perfect for the kids to learn and experiment on … I have three kids, as some of you will know.  M, my eldest son (10) , A the middley (son) (8)  and little M our little girl – who as you saw last week, turned 5.

I love seeing what they have seen through the shots they have taken (well not so much the shots they took of Andy and I fixed on our mobiles through the car window 😉 ) but, hey, thats keeping it real, n all that! These shots start with our family trip to Shetland that we took with my parents. I’ve yet to blog that trip, because I completely took SO many pics and in all honesty I don’t know where to start with it all! I also don’t want to bore everyone with too many holiday pics ! ANYWAY, I’ve gone off on another tangent again!

Here, are the shots that my kids took – I am bursting with pride (even though I am not really looking at my best in them, seeing them enjoy using the camera is much much more important than that !) . They did them all themselves, I’ve just applied my normal home made VSCO processing over it (the one I use to edit most of my shots).  I know they would love some feedback, leave a wee comment below and I will read it to them x

I definitely know for sure that my youngest took these (who was 4 at the time!)

And these were A’s shots 🙂


and these are a couple that I took … cos you know, I am compelled, always to take photos 😉



These are just lovely Zoe! And what a fabulous idea to give them one of your old cameras! They must have inherited your eye for composition and detail as the photos are all fabulous xxx

Beautiful! Your kids are naturals. X

oh these are all just super lovely….kids have a much more artistic eye than we give them credit for…maybe its because they don’t know “the rules” and they just shoot what they like…a new rule for us all maybe

Wow. Amazing! A whole family of photographers! xx

Awwwww how fantastic! I know how much I love seeing big G’s photos… It is a whole new world complete with Lego and a whole lot of selfies!

haha – yes!! Although I’m amazed that I don’t think mine have cottoned onto doing selfies yet .. their Mum does enough of them!