January 15, 2020

Falside Mill

Well .. check this out! Fife has a wonderful new wedding venue! I popped along to introduce myself and have a wee look around Falside Mill this afternoon. I’m so excited about having the chance to return at the end of this month to shoot my first wedding there! I’ll be returning three more times this year for more weddings. Its going to be be AAMMMAAAZZZIING !! I love the fact that Falside Mill is a blank canvas, I can’t wait to see how couples use the space. 

I took just a few pics today, but I’m going to be honest. I ADORE dogs .. and well, today was all ended up being all about hanging out with wee Couster .. the 12 week old Dapple Daxie!  SOOOOOOOO CUTE ! So I confess, I took a LOT of photos of this wee dude, and I’ve included rather a few below. 

Falside Mill will be having their first Open Day, THIS coming Sunday – the 19th Jan 2020. I’m not going to be able to make it along, but there are a LOT of really awesome wedding suppliers going. So its worth checking out if you are looking for some wedding planning inspiration. I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely chap called Steve, who owns a local Falconry business called ‘The Scottish Countryman‘. He’ll be there on Sunday too, be sure to take the time to say hello to him!