September 16, 2011

The day we went to Edinburgh


I’ve got a busy 5 weeks ahead – really exciting for me, but not so much for the rest of the family – with 5 weekends ahead of 4 weddings and a pre-wedding meet up (eeek, yay!!). So, we made a decision to hop on a train for some family time together in Edinburgh. We had heard lots of good things about the newly renovated National Museum of Scotland, so off we headed, southbound – it was our youngest first time on the train – she loved it!

We definitely need to go back some time to see some more – there was so much to do, see and learn about! My boys loved taking part in a special Archeology event they had put on, on the weekend – they got to dig for buried treasure, and make recordings and observations about what they had done – fantastic hands on fun for them!

I was in absolute hoots of laughter when I spotted my middle son making faces at me through the DNA display – crazy crazy boy! 🙂

See if you can spot what caught my eye in the windows of the office block near the end of the post!

And what a way to finish the day – just after we had got the sleepy children to bed – Andy pops his head round the door saying he had just seen a rainbow from the garden – this had me somewhat intrigued as it was dark outside! But sure enough – it was – something called a lunar rainbow – or a moonbow – never even heard of one before that night – it was magical and really rather surreal!


I LOOOOVEEE these shots Zoe awesome awesome work… little M is so lush… I’m pinching her next time I see her! Lovely to see the boys too!!

James, you wee sweetie, thank you!! 🙂 xxxx

ahhh love this story, such a lovely fresh perspective 🙂

Its a really fab place Zo – esp when the kids at older! x