December 28, 2015

Family time

Its been so lovely, so what we all needed… taking some time off to be together as a family, over the Christmas holidays. We’ll skim over all the petty fights the kids got into with each other… its not all happy clappy, skiping in the sunshine by any means! But I sure am going to make the most of the times that are lovely and fun. And today was one of those days.

Here are some of those moments, right here ~ with Polly our newest addition, our little rescue puppy from Croatia. Who we adopted a couple of months ago, already happy loyal and confident off the lead!

2015-12-28_0001 2015-12-28_0002 2015-12-28_0003 2015-12-28_0004 2015-12-28_0005 2015-12-28_0006 2015-12-28_0007 2015-12-28_0008 2015-12-28_0009 2015-12-28_0010 2015-12-28_0011 2015-12-28_0012 2015-12-28_0013 2015-12-28_0014 2015-12-28_0015 2015-12-28_0016 2015-12-28_0017 2015-12-28_0018 2015-12-28_0019 2015-12-28_0020 2015-12-28_0021 2015-12-28_0022

And to top it all, we celebrated my little brothers engagement too! It was an honour to take some pictures of him and his fiancee on the beach today <3