April 9, 2014



Well, finally, after blogging the adventures leading up to the photo field trip … the time has come, for me to blog this rather special field trip experience . We took the coastal road down to Santa Barbra, it was misty, a bit rainy and not quite what I had pictured in my head as California, I had really really been looking forward to seeing some sparkling golden sunlight .. but hey – it was beautiful never the less.

It was fantastic, hearing about everyones experiences, and hearing Yan, Dan, Paul & Mo’s,  James’s talks. A big thank you to Eric from Lovely Ember Photography, for capturing those shots of Sara and I dancing 🙂

I struggle putting  what I learnt into words. The big thing for me was realising that life has so many opportunities. That I feel like I have a little more sparkle for doing it. Thank you SO SO SO much to Whitney, and all the people involved in organising it, and to well, everyone there!

On the first night, we missed this flipping amazing inspirational talk by Dallas Clayton (we were driving down the cost) …. thankfully the amazing guys from FT have only gone and recorded it and shared it – Dallas’s talk spurred so many conversations here at home. My middle child l especially loves the book. Take a look at the video from the talk here:

Dallas Clayton from Field Trip on Vimeo.

One of the things that I loved about field trip was the whole vibe of making the most of all the opportunities  and moments. Including the unplanned party that spontaneously occurred on the first night!  (we partied late, and some of us ended up literally dancing on tables).


Day Two … started with the noise of the Poler Bear Plunge … that had been moved to a safer location… the beach had been rather stormy the day before – take a look at the vimeo vid below!


FIELD TRIP || POLER BEAR from Field Trip on Vimeo.












AH! I wanted to comment on these when I saw them on my iPad last week but wanted to see them again on a proper screen before telling you how much I love them all! I love all the ocean photos, and I am so amused by the many dancing photos you snagged of me. 🙂
Beautiful Zoe, you captured field trip so well!


What a fabulous trip and fabulous photos Zoe! I love them all but especially the surfing ones. Our Vicki looks beautiful as ever too 🙂 x

WELL JELS!! Looks absolutely brilliant, Zöe, awesome shots as ever. Makes me want to try and go next year… xx

Wow, looks like you had an amazing time. You have captured the trip perfectly! xx

AH-MAZING!! Love these and have so much envy!! Some fab fab images xxx

too many photographs!!!!!!! Nutcase. I loved it. Loved it. Pissed that I missed it though.