November 25, 2015

tentsmuir beach ~ analogue film

You know that I LOVE making beautiful images… did you know that I truly madly deeply LOVE shooting on (old school) film cameras? You know, with real film, developed by a print lab – if thanks to UK-Film Lab for getting my images developed and scanned (so quickly!)

Here is the first of (MANY!) images .. I made a decision to document moments of my kids childhood … so, here back in spring time … is our trip to the beach … the first set are shot on my Nikon f80  film stock:  35mm P4002015-11-25_0068 2015-11-25_0069 2015-11-25_0070 2015-11-25_0071 2015-11-25_0072 2015-11-25_0073 2015-11-25_0074 2015-11-25_0075 2015-11-25_0076 2015-11-25_0077 2015-11-25_0078

The Following scans are shot on my old 500c/m Hasselblad (my god, I love that camera so!) On 120mm film ~ 160Ns

2015-11-25_0062 2015-11-25_0063 2015-11-25_0064 2015-11-25_0065 2015-11-25_0066 2015-11-25_0067


Beautiful! (the film and your family!) x