November 17, 2014

Film Scans

Isn’t face book wonderful ? Well, maybe not completely and utterly… but I certainly feel like my life is enriched from it. An old primary school friend got in touch with me through FB, and had said that his Mum had inherited two old analogue cameras from a dear friend. Steve got in touch with me to see if I was interested in buying either (or both) of them…. I’d always bene curious to dabble in a bit of film photography… I played about with it a tiny bit when I was a teenager, but nothing with any sort of knowledge or understanding. And in the age of everything digital , I learnt my craft with my first ‘real camera’  – a Nikon D80., anyway – I’m going on a massive tangent (nothing new there!). I am now the proud new owner of a rather fine Hasselblad 500 c/m .. I wanted to take this chance to thank Steve and his Mum, I love this old camera so much.

So here are some of the scans that I’ve just had back from the wonderful peeps at the UKfilmLab. Here are the results from our wee family holiday in Cumbria ~ (note the first two images Ive cheated and changed into black and white, via the use of Lightroom, as I felt that it fitted them better – please don’t scorn me for that!) <3


2014-11-17_0001 2014-11-17_0002 2014-11-17_0003 2014-11-17_0004 2014-11-17_0005 2014-11-17_0006 2014-11-17_0007 2014-11-17_0008 2014-11-17_0009 2014-11-17_0010


these are beautiful Zo….and why would anyone scorn you for creating a black and white image from a film scan…..without using modern technology to showcase your beautiful work nobody would see it at all ….so scan ….edit…. create away xxx its just beautiful xxx

Love these Zoe! and what a lovely way to start your new creativity in film from an inherited camera 🙂

These are beautiful, Zöe-face. ♡

These are amazing mrs. Always wanted to try film too, you’re nailing it 🙂 xx