September 28, 2014

Floors Castle

Ever wonder what a wedding photographer does in their spare time ? I imagine the answer is quite a lot of things 😉 I took the opportunity of a rare child free weekend to have some time with my husband, on the weekend that I was down in the Borders for Miriam & John’s wedding (yet to be blogged!). Andy and I visited the very dramatic and beautiful, Floors Castle, situated on the edge of the beautiful town, Kelso. Its really really beautiful. We stopped for a really delicious lunch in the Walled Kitchen Garden, followed by a walk around the garden centre – it was alive with bees, and vibrant colours, beautiful scents from the flowers and a very peaceful place to be. Fest your eyes on this …  I also had to be restrained by my husband from buying all the gorgeous David Austin roses they had for sale there  – UTTERLY GORGEOUS!!