June 17, 2013

Flight of the Folio Final Fling

Zoe C and I had an absolute ball last time when we met up for the Folio Tour of 2012– so when we heard that there was to be a get together in Wootton Park (its GORGEOUS there!)  this year, we jumped at the chance to go.

Off we set, the four of us, Neil, Nikki, Zoe C and I (Zoe B!) off to Birmingham baby!!  Full of high spirits and lots of in car banter! Heading off in the midst of Wednesday night rush hour traffic wasn’t the best plan in the world – but with all the laughter and chat in the car, the hours quickly slipped past and we were soon in Tebay for a wee break, and a bite to eat 🙂

Then several (billion) instagrams later…. (and a few online vine clips from Zoe C, that I’d rather not link here!!) we made it to the Premiere Inn, in Solihull – WAHOOOO!

Thursday arrived and the four amigos hopped into a cab, set off for The Flight of the Folio FINAL FLING – MOST exciting – we drove through big built up city spaces, which fell away to beautiful quintessential English countryside. We drove through a really beautiful place called  Henley upon Arden – WOW!! I want to go back there some time – it was beautiful from the bits I saw from the car window!

ANYWAY (gosh I do go off on tangents!)… We got there, it was sunny, with glistening water on the wee lake thing at Wooton Park…. there were LOADS of amazing people there, and one that I had been waiting literally a year or more to meet – the gorgeous Jay ..  I love her a tiny bit, yes, yes I do!

It was just such a fantastic day from start to finish. Stuart and the Folio team, thank you SO much for organising it. I know I’ve said it before, but its quite a solitary occupation at times being a wedding photographer – an odd thing to say I know, but we don’t get much time to chat and share things like other 9-5 jobs, and it means a lot to get some time just to catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Catching up with some of my click collective girls was so so lovely too <3

We were joined by an AMAZING lovely person, who also happens to be an AWESOME, I mean really AWESOME (adds drum roll for added effect…) international wedding photographer… Lakshal Perera aka Lucky 😀 you totally need to check out his work, cos you know, he is awesome n all 🙂

OK enough with the chat – lets get to the pictures.. right?!?!

Tune of the trip – well it has to be tracks from the newest Daft Punk Album of course! We especially liked – WE DANCED ALL NIGHT TO GET LUCKY!  😀

Nikki, Zo, Neil – it was was bloody brilliant – thank you so much for the best road trip ever! <3 MWAH!

Oh.. and did I mention the hog roast and fireworks ?? Oh yes indeed – and we danced the night away to Pulp Friction.

The last leg of the journey, a wee train ride to Perth and I was greeted by these three gorgeous children!

With a special thank you to Nikki Leadbetter for this wee portrait of me here 🙂 xx



Wow Zoe! LOVE these! Looks like an amazing trip. x

I was completely gutted not to be able to go ….but I am so glad I didn’t because it looks like you had a completely rubbish time *sob sob sob sob* 🙂

yeah so rubbish 😉 anyways… wheesst – YOU WENT TO ITALY!!!

WOW! love the close up of the sunset through the ice cream van… love loads of them actually. amazing.

ahhh thank you so much my lovely! xxxxx

Beautiful photographs Zoe. Such a fab storyteller. I love the double exposure images. X


It was sooooooo good to see all of you! I want you to come back RIGHT NOW.

Ahh I want that so much too! xxxxxxxxxx

YOU DID GET EXTRA STARS!! heheheheheh 😉

Ah what a day, can’t wait for next year already. Amazing photos as always, those firework shots gave me goosebumps. It was an amazing end to the night! Xxx

It was an epic day/night eh Claire -and so lovely to hang out with you <3 The fireworks were AMAZING – I’ve re-watched the clip on vimeo – it was really good!

Looks amazing Zoe! Really love the atmosphere in those, makes me feel / wish I was there. And also, what fabulous weather!

ooh we had amazing weather!! It was lovely!! xxxxx You need to come next time

Hope there is another one (no pressure Folio!) 😉


Blummin love your pictures, damn you and your talent. xxxxx

AHHHHH My lovely Jay <3 we need to plan another road trip 😀 xxxxxxxx

Amazing photos Zoester B and what a trip it was!x