June 16, 2015

Introducing Clara & Stevie

Clara & Stevie welcomed me into their rather gorgeous flat in Edinburgh. We hung out, and chatted mostly about EVERYTHING, and a little bit about their wedding too 😉

I gazed in wonderment at their fantastic collection of records, and memorabilia from by gone times, I love all these things!
We set off up Carlton Hill, for more chatting and lots more hilarity  – so much fun! We even discovered a quieter spot, with less people about. Clara & Stevie were even up for lying in  the bluebells, when I suggested it too! Love you guys!!!

Later, I passed on my knowledge of plants (its rather limited!) but I was able to share that gorse flowers smell of coconut when they come into bloom – and I captured a shot for posterity, of Clara & Stevie discovering that very thing! 😀

Without further a do .. let me share the images with you!  2015-06-16_0001 2015-06-16_0002 2015-06-16_0003 2015-06-16_0004 2015-06-16_0005 2015-06-16_0006 2015-06-16_0007 2015-06-16_0008 2015-06-16_0009 2015-06-16_0010 2015-06-16_0011 2015-06-16_0012 2015-06-16_0013 2015-06-16_0014 2015-06-16_0015 2015-06-16_0016 2015-06-16_0017 2015-06-16_0018


AWW GUYS!! No more sad faces please! I’ll see you on Saturday 🙂 xx



I can’t promise any bluebells on Saturday – but I can’t wait to see you too and smoosh those gorgeous wee faces of yours! Here is my absolute fav shot from our time together <3