July 28, 2011

Introducing Emma & Damian


I had the pleasure of meeting Emma & Damian  in Dunfermline last week – its not a part of the world I know all that well, so it was nice to get a little walk around the places that they plan to get married later this year. It was a bit of a nature trek too – we saw, seagulls, baby bunny rabbits (too cute!) and the odd dog or two! Oh and a few bumble bees to boot. Things will look a bit different for their Winter Wedding at the end of the year! 



Super fun looking session, Zoe! Great work on capturing thier personalities

Thanks Drew – I was super chuffed when I spotted that bright orange building too! 🙂

These two are so sweet 🙂

Oh MY WORD! I just checked out your site – I do not know how you came across little old me (well less of the old!) I’m blown away by your work and deeply in love with I think perhaps every single picture I clapped my eyes on! NO joke- If it wasn’t so late here in the UK I’d spend hours looking some more – I plan to soon, with a big mug of coffee and a smile on my face – thank you ever so much for the comment – made my evening! xx

Gorgeous set of photos Zoe, love the shooting through the flowers and the holding hands ones at the bottom 🙂

The colour of that building – nearly took into a sprint when I first saw it – leaving the couple somewhat bemused!

Lovely pictures, I love the romantic feel to the processing x

thank you so much x

WOW what stunning photos. They look soo in love, its beautiful!

It was a fun evening…just now that come winter the whole place is going to be transformed into a sparkly world of whiteness!

Lovely! I especially like the shots through flowers etc. :0)

I like shooting through flowers- we had to track some down for the moment!

Fab images Zoe!

Aww, thank you Ruth xxx