June 11, 2012

Introducing Heather and Glenn

OOOh where to start?! I first met Heather and Glenn at Judy and Daniel’s wedding, last year. Heather had chatted to me a little bit about some of their wedding plans, and I have to admit that it did all sound rather exciting 🙂

Speeding forward a few months, and with a few email chats back and forth between Scotland and Germany, and we hatched a plan to meet up in Edinburgh. And this is where the fun begins …

We met at a wee cafe in Edinburgh called “The Elephant House”  – otherwise know as the birth place of Harry Potter! Yes, you read right – for those of you who don’t know about it its the place that JK Rowling wrote some of the first Harry Potter books! And it also sells rather nice food – the perfect starting place to meet Heather and Glenn, to begin our walk round Edinburgh. OH and did I mention that The Elephant House has a live web cam to boot?!! Yes indeedy – I had a few close friends who knew I was going to be there, and watched, fingers posed to grab some shots of us there – I know it is verging on a tad weird but amusing never the less!

(thank you so much Amanda Hayler for capturing this!!) And yes, that would be me ordering a delicious bit of carrot cake!

And here is us leaving – see if you can spot us all! I am the one taking the pic of the notice board with some rather cool pictures drawn by previous cafe goers! We chatted, we walked, we had a blooming fantastic time – Heather, Glenn, it was such fun, thank you xxx

First stop – The National Museum of Scotland – we all have a mutual love of that building – both Heather and Glenn having fond memories of visiting the place in the University days, going there to draw – its a very inspiring place.

Then another little treat in store – I have a bit of a thing for handmade books – and these are all sorts of amazing. Seriously  … and I am not the only one to think so – Glenn & Heather’s friends own a very cool place called Owl and Lion in the West Port in Edinburgh, owned by  Isabelle & Edward…..the very talented Isabelle and her beautiful hand made books where featured on Kirstie Allsops’s Handmade Britain (the Chirstmas one) … have a wee look at the link – its a fascinating process.

and then a wee trip to Edinburgh College of Art was in order … (edited to add) by the way.. NO walls were harmed in this shoot – we stumbled across this chalk art when we got there 🙂 

Heather, Glenn – it was SUCH a fun day – thank you ever so much – i totally can not wait till May 2013 !!!!!!





I love your story telling in these, and how you put the details together. Beautiful images, and man do i want to visit Edinburgh again!

Amazing work as always! Love the fun atmosphere and the processing, as well as the funky compositions 🙂

Wow, much more than just an engagement shoot, a great showcase for Edinburgh itself! Lovely photos and the fun of the day really comes through, I’m sure they are thrilled with them and can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

Mad skillz Zoe! Wowza! What an awesome couple!

Beautiful – you spot the best details and locations (love Edinburgh). Brilliant variety of shots, cute couple (lucky to have you as their photographer) wonderfully captured!

OH My everyone – I am overwhelmed with all these amazingly lovely comments – thank you ever so much – xxx

Zoe, this for sure for sure is the best work I’ve seen from you, its FANTASTIC!
Well done. Really looking forward to seeing Heather and Glenn’s wedding pictures.

Oh, thank you so so so so so much Joseph – and for the lovely re-tweet, thank you !! xxxx

I love these. Such a happy looking couple and I.love Edinburgh 🙂 x

OOh Samy – you are like, the bestest ever!! Thank you for the blog love xxxxxxxxxxxx

What a lovely set of images, you lady are extremely creative!

Thank you ever so much Chris

Wow, this is such a fun shoot. I love all the locations. Awesome. I have to admit, the coffeeshop webcam is kinda amazing too haha.

webcams in coffee shops – I know!! What ever next ! Thanks Alyssa xxx

Hey Zoe, Loving your work and it just keeps getting better and better. This set is just awesome start to finish. Do you want to shoot my wedding 🙂

haahaaaaaaa – you getting married James?! 🙂 Thanks for the blog love xx

What a cool idea for an engagement shoot! Love the angle and the storytelling nature of it all. Well done!

🙂 thank you x

Wow I love your toning throughout your black and whites; so soft and romantic.

ahh – thank you so much Mary x

Harry Potter!!! Love the umbrella shots!

haha – I know – how mad is that – Harry Potter, and umbrellas! 🙂

AMAZING set…so full of WIN!!

oooh (grins) 😀 thank you! x

What a beautiful post, I love all the photos 🙂

Thank you ever so much Helena xx I really enjoyed taking them too 🙂

Wonderful E-shoot, loads of energy in this xx

Ah – thank you ever so much Naomi x

Great use of humor in the photos! That’s a REALLY tough thing to show. Have to say my favorite is the one labeled blog-6.

Oh wow, thank you ever so much Matt – really appreciate that x

So much fun! Wonderful.

thanks T xxxxxxxx

you rocked this ZOE! I love them, the colors, the places, their connection. Love them.

NICK!!! oooh – thank you ever so much xxx

Totally and utterly AMAZING work Zoe! Completely took my breath away! They are so beautiful that they deserve an album of their own ~ I bet Heather and Glenn are absolutely over the moon with them x

Thank you Wendy <3 can’t begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to their Wedding!

SUCH a neat location and adore that last one!!

ahh – I do love Edinburgh too x

lovely photos! you took us all on a journey of the city with you! gorgeous!

Oh my, thank you Tobiah x

Fantastic set Zoe, really well done 🙂 x

OOOh thank you so much Ross x

i love the umbrella’s such a beautiful city! amazing work!

🙂 thank you xx

Oh my freaking goodness! GORGEOUS!

ooooh tooo kind Jaye, thank you me darlin xxxxx

what an incredible storytelling! Looks like just the perfect afternoon together, such awesome places and items!!!
Top notch captures Zoe. 🙂

oooh -thank you ever so much Aga (grins) feeling the love xxx

gee whizz lady !!! these are just super creative and awesome …just fab fab fab fab fab <3

awww Andreea, thank you so much my love xxxxx

Zoe this post is absolutely BRILLIANT. Your photos are awesome, and Heather and Glenn look like they’ve had a fab time! Love it. xx

Oh Jayyyyyyy – did I mention that I love you and your lovely comments – thank you ! xxx

I LOVE these!!!! I didn’t think you could get any better Zoe, and you’ve proved me wrong – I can’t wait for the wedding photos either!! xx

oh Boo – thank you x

awesome zo! 😀

oooh thanks honey xxxx

Such an amazing array of images. I love this post and am envious of your castles, history and architecture. Such richness and playfulness all in one shoot. (love the idea of chalking messages on building walls too!)

Ooh thanks Kate! I hurriedly re-edited to note that we didn’t write on the walls – we stumbled across it 🙂 xx

What a great post Zoe. A very handsome couple and great locations. I am longing to go back to Edinburgh now. X

OOhh I want you to come back too Jane – it would be fab to do a shoot there together! x