July 18, 2013

Introducing Jacqui & Keith

OOOH Jacqui and Keith are getting married on Saturday! Yeap, THIS SATURDAY!! VERY excited!!! Thats me, and them too !

This is going to be so much fun – we had such a hoot when I met up with them a few weeks ago. Jacqui and Keith were very indulging too – allowing me to chase the golden sunlight as the sun set over Edinburgh – we didn’t quite make the golden hour – but we DID get some awesome actual sun setting pics..

I’m proper busting as I get the chance to see a new venue for me, The Timberyard – check out their website, I am loving the photos, and the REALLY cool “about” pics… but not just that, oh no (what else I hear you cry?) I’m only getting the chance to work with the Pyrus girls again .. OHYESINDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a bit beside myself in anticipation for Saturday…

I’ll stop now – but here, let me introduce this gorgeous couple – here are, Jacqui and Keith 😀 COME ON SATURDAY, I want it to start now!



FAB sunset shot at the end ARRRRGGGHHH so much pretty!

Beautiful work as always.