August 16, 2013

Introducing Jenna & Billy

Sometimes,, just sometimes I get really really lucky with light that I get to shoot in too – this, this is ALL of that, and more – let me introduce Jenna & Billy. We had SO much of a laugh hanging out in Newburgh last week – and you know what – they are only getting married, TOMORROW !! Can’t blooming wait guys, can’t blooming wait xxxxxxxxx




OH MY GOODNESSSSSS! Love this. Love the colours (OMG THE COLOURS!). love the gorgeously beautiful couple who look so much fun (She is wearing such a cute dress!)

Love. It.

Oh Jaye, Jaye, I know, right!?! I would love to take thanks for the light and the sunset etc! I have total hair and dress evny going on, Jenna is a bit gorgeous huh?!