August 9, 2013

Introducing Jocelyn & Colin

It was right rainy when we met in Edinburgh last week – so we dived into The Elephant House, for a wee coffee and chat (see if we could wait out the rain a bit too) – it was a little bit dark a couple of hours later when we finally emerged, and still rather rainy – but that wasn’t going to stop us! Oh no, not at all!!!

So, here we are – IN YOUR FACE DARKNESS AND RAIN – Jocelyn & Colin ROCK!!! And whats more – THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!!

Guys – totally can’t wait!! See you in the morning ! xxxxxxx




Nice work dude. Love it.

oooh Shellster – thank you, it always means a lot when you comment on me blog posts, thank you lovely xxxx

Beautiful pictures! So wish we could be there tomorrow! Cannot wait to see more ! Wishing the two much love and joy!
Their cousins from across the pond! 🙂 <3 xoxo

Oh Joanne, thank you!

Have a wee look on my facebook page tomorrow or the next day and I’ll be putting some previews up so you can see a wee bit of Jocelyn & Colin’s special day xx