March 3, 2013

Introducing Kate & Chris

Kate and Chris – flamin heck – giggles a plenty and possibly the most surreal photo shoot I’ve been on, ever! But I’ll come to that in a moment!

We met in fair Edinburgh town, on a sunny sort of an afternoon, with beautiful light. Had some shots at the top of Carlton Hill – and what a gorgeous spot it is, I do like it there! Then Chris had found out about a really cool spot over in Morningside, thats hidden just off of the high street… and OH what a find!!! It properly felt like we had walked onto a Western set! Imagine our surprise that we weren’t the only ones to be in that same small alley way, there was another altogether different sort of photo shoot going on at the same time!  …. (I’ve asked the photographer from the other shoot if its ok to show the two pics I took of her shoot happening in the background..I’d love to share them – so surreal!)

It was lovely having an excuse to pop into Paperchase too, I took a few photos whilst Kate & Chris had a wee look for some paper they needed for their wedding. I pretty much don’t really need an excuse to go into Paperchase – I’ve never seen such an a-ray of papers – I am so planning to go back to that one!!

Thank you Kate & Chris for such a lovely afternoon, can’t wait for your wedding in June xx




I couldn’t resist this wee bit of fun – my deliciously bonkers friend Jay sent me this book, and I’d opened it on the train on the way to meet Kate & Chris for the shoot…. well, all I can say is that Kate is a wee star for being such a willing model for this product! 🙂








Wow Zoe, these are great, what a gorgeous couple too!

Gorgeous couple, gorgeous images xx

Thanks SO much girls – Jay – yes – mooost funny 🙂

Ahhh Zoe these are gorgeous. Beautiful couple, beautiful photos, and I LOVE that Kate had a flick through the book I sent! The look on her face is PERFECT. 😉

What an absolutely gorgeous shoot! Love it!

Awww tooo cute. Lovely work too Zoe. Just gorgeous.

Oohh – you twooo – thank you so much!! xxxx

Absolutely gorgeous Zoe…I so love your photos xxx

Jesus Zoe, you’re on fire recently. This is stunning! I think you’re pretty much going to own the scottish market soon