April 16, 2012

Introducing Lorna & Cedric

Here are the very lovely Lorna & Cedric. We had a few emails back and forth about …you guessed it…THE WEATHER again!! And yet another week of weather oddities. When we met up at the Falkland Estate, there was a recent dusting of snow, which looked all very odd – and the Daffodils where none too pleased to find themselves suddenly stood in that fluffy white stuff! I always like going over the the woodland at Falkland – its so so beautiful there, there is so much to see too – dappled sunlight through the young leaves that appear at spring time. trickling burns and the little bridges and footpaths that snake through the woods – its a magical place for sure. And it was the perfect place to meet up with Lorna & Cedric for their pre-wedding meet up.

AND .. we are lucky to have the Pillars of Hercules Cafe & Farm Shop to stop in on, on the way back, to warm up and grab a bite to eat (thank you so much Lorna & Cedric for the soup xxx).  


Can’t wait till July for your Wedding Lorna & Cedric xx





I love all of these =- and especially the large, slightly fuzzy black and white about half way done – a work of art…. beautiful! xx

Love those color tones!

Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple 🙂 Love the tones, too!

oooh thank you ever so much x

gorgeous as always, they look very happy together too 🙂 beautiful lady, beautiful 🙂 <3

ahhh, thanks Zo, as always xxxxx

Beautiful photos and couple. Absolutely adore your post processing.

Thank you ever so much Kay xx