January 9, 2013

Introducing ~ SCARAMANGA !!!


Phew got that out my system before we started!!

The lovely Carl called me to see if we could do a wee shoot for the gorgeous range of bags that they sell at Scaramanga….. plans were made, and we met up with Carl, and Jillian (a lovely talented make up artist) and Katie and Parker, who are currently not models, but students at St Andrews University…. they were amazing – naturals.

I had some plans about the kinds of images that Carl was looking for from the shoot. And started this pinterest board too.

I defy you to not fall in love with all of these bags!!! Really … 🙂 I have to confess, I have.

This and this is the one that I own – I utterly adore it, and I am not just saying that!  Its perfect for my camera gear – so much so that it might actually become my new camera bag for weddings, its so comfortable.

And you know the other BIG thing is, that Carl, and the rest of the staff at Scaramanga HQ who are based in Cupar, Fife are LOVELY, really really LOVELY  – you can even pop into the shop to have  a wee look at all the gorgeous things in there  – there aren’t just bags you know  – theres LOADS of gorgeous furniture, and journals, and well… just go and see!! 😀





Beautiful photos and beautiful bags <3

Loving these pictures Zoe. I should think Scaramanga are pretty happy with them too! 😉