March 18, 2013

Jack(et) Purveyors of Gentlemen’s Garments

Tell me, is it wrong to be a tiny bit in love with everyone and everything about this shoot? NAHHHHHHH !!!!!!

You totally must nip over to Jill’s new website to check out Jack(et) Purveyors of Gentlemen’s Garments – because they are beyond gorgeous !!!!!! 

Without out further a do, here are the amazing Robin Stewart and John Shearer – who are self- professed non models – but after this wee photo shoot I think we can all agree that they are maybe missing their calling 🙂

Thank you SO SO SO much for such a fun day – Jill your work is bloody marvellous, Lynne – I LOVE your shop (Lovely Things) Robin & John – quit the day job and become full time models .. Liz thanks for looking after me wee one whilst I was shooting (see the street fight scenes below!) and folk of Dundee (including those bemused people on the double decker bus…) YOU WERE AWESOME!!

( Thank you Amanda Holl, Jaye Cole & Zoe Campbell for being my wee spelling gurus ) 🙂 xx



Ok – I just can’t help myself –  I do LOVE photographing people in love – this is Liz, Robin’s wife … How could I not ask them for a couple of pics of them together!!