March 18, 2013

Jack(et) Purveyors of Gentlemen’s Garments

Tell me, is it wrong to be a tiny bit in love with everyone and everything about this shoot? NAHHHHHHH !!!!!!

You totally must nip over to Jill’s new website to check out Jack(et) Purveyors of Gentlemen’s Garments – because they are beyond gorgeous !!!!!! 

Without out further a do, here are the amazing Robin Stewart and John Shearer – who are self- professed non models – but after this wee photo shoot I think we can all agree that they are maybe missing their calling 🙂

Thank you SO SO SO much for such a fun day – Jill your work is bloody marvellous, Lynne – I LOVE your shop (Lovely Things) Robin & John – quit the day job and become full time models .. Liz thanks for looking after me wee one whilst I was shooting (see the street fight scenes below!) and folk of Dundee (including those bemused people on the double decker bus…) YOU WERE AWESOME!!

( Thank you Amanda Holl, Jaye Cole & Zoe Campbell for being my wee spelling gurus ) 🙂 xx



Ok – I just can’t help myself –  I do LOVE photographing people in love – this is Liz, Robin’s wife … How could I not ask them for a couple of pics of them together!!



I have been lusting over these images (well, you know, ahem) since I saw the first sneak peek. Holy crap what an amazing shoot. Awesome guys, bloody brilliant jackets (I totally wanna get one for my fella) and your mad skillz combined. Wow. Love it!

p.s. Liz is the new posh x


Jacket’s? …..what Jacket’s ………there were jacket’s ?……………. Zoe ! O…….M…….G……….TBH I DID actually see the jackets…because..well…lets face it they are glorious and are works of art in themselves ……but to me…you made them look as good as David Beckham in his undercrackers !!! and who looks at those *cough* ….we know they are there but……………job done lady !!! you made jackets cool

Zoe your work is off the wall! And sexy.

hheeeehee – thank you Denise – that made me giggle 🙂

Zoe, these are stunning photos. Looking forward to seeing some of this when I’m in Dundee next week! 🙂

Am I allowed to say that I didn’t notice the jackets until 1/2 way through because I was too busy noticing the models?

Such is your rockstar life – getting to hang out with gorgeous men all day and playing with awesome jackets.

I am not jealous at all.


hhahaa – best blog comment EVER – thank you Jaye 🙂 xx

Gorgeous Men! Gorgeous Jackets! Gorgeous Photos! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! x

ahhh Zoe, you did it again! brillant work, looks like so much fun. In fact these photos have brightened my morning quite a bit! Now I just wish I could pop into that shop and get a few of them amazing jackets! well done to the “models” too 🙂

Ahhh – thank you my fine friend Neil 🙂

Amazing work Zoe, the colours are unbelievable!

I am in love! Fantastic photoshoot! Honestly my favourite one of the year so far it’s really grabbed me. Gorgeous models wearing gorgeous clothes, I just love it! Such an inspiring shoot. Well done xx

oooh Kim – thank you ever so much!! xx

Zoe you have surpassed yourself once again, these images are stunning!! what handsome lads too 🙂 and the jackets! superb! wish I had a man I could dress! hehe beautiful, well done all. xxx

hehe – thank you my love – I think we will have to get JIll working on a girls version next 🙂